The 2nd set of Multistation, 5551-G06 came to hand on 2003.5.1.
I want to tell the details here.

    I received the computer of having been due to discard from a certain man.
    There were no less than 5577 printers with sheet feeder in fact.
    However, since there was no place to set, it was not able to obtain.
    Although starting from a hard disk is possible, a data error occurs, and even
    if it is going to read from a diskette drive, can generate an error and it cannot
    be read.
    It may become a huge ornament immediately....

    Composition of hardware
i8086 8MHz
(probably -- Planer 256KB+128KB adapter+256KB adapter)
Hard Disk
Diskette Drive
5.25-inch 2DD 1Drive
Expansion Slot
6slots (Adapters is 5 slot used.)
Kanji Font Adapter
128KB Adapter
256KB Adapter
5250 Workstation Adapter (Old model which 2 slot is used)
5555-B01 (15inch monochrome)
5556004 (Katakana key arrangement, use for 5250 emulation)

    Partition of Hard Disk
Bunsyo Program
Kanji DOS

    "Bunsyo Program" which is the word processor started by the original system
    is installed into the partition of exclusive use.

Software already set up
Partition1  Bunsyo Program
Partition2  KDOS
Kana Kanji conversion
Partition1  Bunsyo Program Clause conversion
Partition2  MKK (Clause conversion)
Partition1  Bunsyo Program
Partition2  Kanji Data Box
Partition2  5250 Japanese Personal Computer

    The inside is divided into three portions, the substrate, the drive, and the slot.
    Please have a look about a pictures here.

    Planar    P/N 6342394  EC No.865251-4
5551G06 Planar

   1 Memoy MN416P-15 x 36
   2 iDB284A
   3 i8087 socket
   4 MN2364SPM  PN6239163
   5 iD8086-2
   6 MN2364SPN  PN6239162
   7 D7264D  BIOS?
   8 TEST switch and LED
   9 MN50015SPE IBM6343868
  10 MN50015SPH IBM6343871
  11 8513B7 D8039LC
  12 MN50015SPC IBM6343866
  13 MN50015SPD IBM6343867
  14 iP8237A-5
  15 8512KD D765AC
  16 TD308C/TD1100C 16MHz
  17 8513 HM6116LP-2
  18 Parallel port  (36 pins)
  19 8443E9 D7261AD
  20 8506K3 D8259AC-2
  21 8514E7 D8253C-2
  22 SED9420C
  23 Keyboard connector

    Many LSI tips have appeared in the huge substrate.
    A memory is 256KB in total in 64Kbit LSI tip x32 piece.
    Although CPU is usually called 8086, since it is 8MHz, it is 8086-2 correctly.
    The TEST switch and LED for a system test are attached.
    Although there is a parallel port, but there is no serial port.
    Since a planer is inserted in the slot of a case, there is no connector of a power

    Display board  P/N 6342396  EC 865251-3
5551G06 D/A

   1 CX0-043C 40.0000MHz    2 IBM6343870 MN50015SPG
   3 HM6116P-2
   4 HM6116P-2
   5 HD46505SP-2 HD68B45SP
   6 IBM6343869 MN50007SPF
   7 Monochrome display connector

    It is the personal computer of IBM too that the display board is another.
    Although the difference between a color model and a monochrome model is based on
    this display board, it is needed.